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Bushmans Tanks Round Poly Rainwater Tanks 

Stated Capacity Product Code Inlet Height Diameter Total Height Available States
1,000L (210gal) TT210 Modular 2.07m 0.81m 2.07m QLD NSW VIC SA
1,200L (260gal) TT260 Tall 1.51m 1.05m 1.51m QLD only
1,500L (330gal) T350 Round 1.62m 1.17m 1.62m QLD NSW VIC SA
2,400L (530gal) TS540 Squat 1.05m 1.77m 1.22m QLD NSW
2,550L (560gal) TT560 Tall 1.51m 1.57m 1.68m QLD NSW VIC SA
3,200L (700gal) TXD650 Tall 1.79m 1.57m 2.00m QLD VIC
3,250L (715gal) TT650 Tall 1.79m 1.57m 2.00m NSW SA
4,200L (920gal) TS910 Squat 1.28m 2.15m 1.37m QLD VIC SA
4,200L (920gal) TXD910 Squat 1.21m 2.15m 1.45m NSW only
5,000L (1100gal) TT1100 Tall 2.05m 1.85m 2.25m QLD NSW VIC SA
5,000L (1100gal) TXD1200 Squat 1.78m 2.06m 1.86m QLD NSW
10,000L (2,200gal) TXD2200 Squat 1.52m 3.05m 1.73m QLD VIC
10,000L (2,200gal) TS2200 Squat 1.48m 3.05m 1.70m NSW SA
10,000L (2,200gal) TXD2300 Tall 2.24m 2.57m 2.44m NSW only
10,000L (2,200gal) TT2300 Tall 2.16m 2.59m 2.31m QLD VIC SA
15,000L (3,300gal) T3300 Round 2.20m 3.05m 2.44m QLD NSW SA
15,000L (3,300gal) TXD3300 Round 2.20m 3.08m 2.48m VIC only
22,500L (5,000gal) TXD5000 Round 2.21m 3.80m 2.57m QLD NSW VIC SA
25,000L 5,500gal) TS5500 Squat 2.40m 3.73m 2.55m QLD NSW VIC
30,000L (6,600gal) T6500 Round 2.68m 3.92m 2.87m QLD NSW VIC SA
46,400L (10,200gal) T10500 Round 2.95m 4.60m 3.16m QLD NSW VIC SA

Bushmans Tanks are available in SA, VIC, NSW & QLD!

Maxiplas Round Poly Rainwater Tanks

Stated Capacity Height Inlet Height Diameter Overflow
1000L 1.99m 1.99m 0.90m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00
2000L 1.67m 1.67m 1.40m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00
2500L 2.04m 2.04m 1.40m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00
3300L 1.87m 1.87m 1.55m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00
5000L 2.17m 2.17m 1.80m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00
5400L 2.32m 2.32m 1.80m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00
More Maxiplas sizes available, please contact us for more info.

Kilkee Poly Products Round Poly Rainwater Tanks

Stated Capacity Inlet Height Diameter Total Height
3,300 2.06m 1.49m 2.05m
5,000 2.05m 1.82m 2.40m
9,000 2.20m 2.37m 2.40m
11,500 2.25m 2.60m 2.55m
22,500 2.38m 3.56m 2.90m
24,000 2.50m 3.60m 2.90m

Taurus Tanks SA Round Steel Rainwater Tanks

Stated Capacity (L) Diameter Height Flat Top/Cone Top
450 0.95m 0.65m FT CT
900 0.95m 1.25m FT CT
1350 0.95m 1.87m FT CT
1350 1.20m 1.25m FT CT
1410 1.20m 1.25m FT CT
1800 1.30m 1.25m FT CT
1800 1.15m 1.87m FT CT
1940 1.15m 1.87m FT CT
2200 1.50m 1.25m FT CT
2250 1.20m 1.87m FT CT
2500 1.60m 1.25m FT CT
2500 1.30m 1.87m FT CT
2800 1.20m 2.48m FT CT
2870 1.40m 1.87m FT CT
3200 1.50m 1.87m FT CT
3500 1.90m 1.25m FT CT
3700 1.60m 1.87m FT CT
3800 1.40m 2.48m FT CT
4200 1.70m 1.87m FT CT
4300 1.50m 2.48m FT CT
4400 2.15m 1.25m FT CT
4700 1.80m 1.87m FT CT
5200 1.90m 1.87m FT CT
5600 1.70m 2.48m FT CT
6310 1.80m 2.48m FT CT
6600 2.15m 1.87m FT CT
7000 1.90m 2.48m FT CT
9000 2.15m 2.48m FT CT
9300 2.53m 1.87m FT CT
10000 2.62m 1.87m FT CT
11500 2.80m 1.87m FT CT
12460 2.53m 2.48m FT CT
13500 3.00m 1.87m FT Only
15260 2.80m 2.48m FT Only
16470 3.35m 1.87m FT Only
17520 3.00m 2.48m FT Only
18000 3.00m 2.48m FT Only
22500 3.40m 2.48m FT Only
23850 3.50m 2.48m FT Only
26429 3.35m 3.00m FT Only

Bushmans Aqualine Commercial & Rural Steel Tanks

Product Code Capacity Litres Gallons Diameter Wall Height Base Diameter
ASL22.5 22,500 5,000 3.61 2.28 5.61
ASL32 32,000 7,030 4.33 2.28 6.33
ASL44 44,000 9,670 5.06 2.28 7.06
ASL58 58,000 12,750 5.78 2.28 7.78
ASL73 73,000 16,050 6.51 2.28 8.51
ASL90 90,000 19,790 7.22 2.28 9.22
ASL110 110,000 24,190 7.96 2.28 9.96
ASL130 130,000 28,590 8.68 2.28 10.68
ASL152 152,000 33,430 9.40 2.28 11.40
ASL177 177,000 38,930 10.13 2.28 12.13
ASL203 203,000 44,650 10.85 2.28 12.85
ASL230 230,000 50,590 11.57 2.28 13.57
ASL260 260,000 57,190 12.30 2.28 14.30
ASL292 292,000 64,230 13.02 2.28 15.02
ASL325 325,000 71,490 13.74 2.28 15.74
ASL363 363,000 79,840 14.46 2.28 16.46

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