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Wicking beds are an excellent way to utilise a Raised Garden Bed and the benefits are many! They are very popular with our customers and work incredibly well. Here are some of the benefits to expect from a wicking bed solution.

Low Maintenance

Benefits of low maintenance, wicking beds can be self-watering for an extended period of time.


Wicking beds are efficient with water use due to less topsoil evaporation and being fed from the roots up.


Easily control the nutrients and pH of your soil especially when utilising a worm feeder which are popular.


Wicking beds are adaptable to use with aquaponic systems, we can install valve fittings to make this easier!

How does it work?

The diagram shows a simple and popular wicking bed system with an added worm feeder. The yellow shown in the diagram is a layer of geotextile which acts as a mild filtration barrier between the water and the soil. Gravel or coarse stone must be added to the blue water reservoir area.

Decide on your base

Your new Wicking Bed will require a base to hold water in the bottom. You have a couple of options for this:

Self Supplied

Pond liner

Line the inside walls and bottom with pond liner or heavy duty plastic.

Sealed Base

Fully sealed ready to go

We can manufacture a fully sealed unit with a steel base.

+ Valve Fitting

Additional fittings

Add a 1″ (25mm) valve fitting for easy draining or aquaponic use. 

Choose your size

Length Width Available Heights
1100mm 600mm 650, 800mm
1500mm 650mm 650, 800mm
1900mm 650mm 650, 800mm
2400mm 750mm 650, 800mm
3000mm 820mm 650, 800mm
3000mm 1000mm 650, 800mm
Custom max 3000mm Custom max 1500mm 650, 800mm

Your wicking bed must be a minimum of 650mm height. We recommend choosing Aquaplate or galvanised steel for longest life, however Colourbond may still be used. Aquaplate is available at 650mm height only, galvanised and Colourbond is available in both 650mm and 800mm variants. 

Select your colour 

All available colours

Aquaplate colours

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