AdBlue Tanks by Polymaster, Meet Your Storage Demands.

From bulk storage tanks and ute packs to a wide range of accessories. For all your AdBlue storage expansion needs, choose Dingo today for competitive pricing and top notch service.

Bulk Storage Tanks

We can supply AdBlue bulk storage tanks from 2,000L up to a capacity of 10,000L. these bulk storage tanks are designed and built to last, providing you with years of reliable fuel dispensing on the farm or for a range of other commercial application.

Available in both slimline and round form factors.

Polymaster AdBlue Bunded Tank Storage with Submersible Pump


Made with PE material, UV stabilised for longer life in Australia’s harsh sun so it’s suitable for coastal locations as well.


AdBlue storage tanks ideal for supplying the mining, civil, construction, farming and fleet industries.


AS/NZS 4766 standards and 5 year warranty make these tanks a reliable solution for your bulk storage needs.

Polymaster AdBlue Ute Pack Storage AdBlue Ute Tank Adelaide Australia VIC Melbourne NSW Farm Paddock Mine Mining Touring 4x4

AdBlue Ute Packs

Versatile and robust AdBlue ute packs designed and manufactured in Australia to safely with AS2809.2-2008 compliance so that you can effectively and reliably store and dispense your AdBlue. These tanks are strong and manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of living on the back of the ute.


Available in 100ltr, 200ltr, 400ltr, 400ltr Cube, 600ltr, 800ltr variants you can be sure to find the right application for you.


Strong, reliable Italian designed pumps will deliver AdBlue every time, with auto-shutoff to ensure you don’t overfill.


Fully complies with AS2809.2-2008 – Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods Road tank vehicles for flammable liquid.

AdBlue Accessories

We sell a multitude of products for your diesel fuel dispensary needs from AdBlue pumps to kits that include nozzle, hose, transfer meter and filter in one simple to install housing.

Polymaster AdBlue Accessories Pumps Transfer IBC Tank Station Farm Mine 4x4 Commercial


A range of pumps are available in 12/24V and 240V guises up to 85 litres per minute flow rate.


Diesel kits available from basic pump, hose and nozzle kits right up to fully enclosed commercial dispensers.


The professional kit that we supply here at Dingo includes an access control box ensuring only authorised use.

Polymaster Delivery Zone

Polymaster have a large fleet of trucks specialised in delivering rainwater tanks throughout Victoria, Southern NSW, and South Australia to your location or the store where you purchased it.

Rainwater tanks 13,000L or above and 10,000L Bunded Diesel Bulk Storage Tanks are delivered free within the illustrated zone.

+ Polymaster also deliver Australia-wide (and abroad) for all their Chemical, Diesel, AdBlue, Septic tanks, Equine, Calving and Animal Care products (extra freight charges apply).  For their Rainwater tanks, they deliver throughout Victoria, South Australia and Southern New South Wales. 

polymaster delivery zone map australia nsw vic sa


Bulk Storage Tank Drawings

Download technical specs for DSW5000, 7000 & 10000.

Ute Pack Datasheets

Download specs for DMP100E - DMP800E ute packs.

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