Bushmans Poly Rainwater Tanks

We have supplied Bushmans Tanks nationwide across Australia in Adelaide SA, VIC, NSW & QLD for many years & work closely with Bushmans to make you a happy customer!

FREE Delivery

FREE delivery* available in most states across Australia, contact us to find out more!

Flexible Fittings

Outlet and overflow positioning that can be placed anywhere on a round tank.

Great Feedback

High rate of customer satisfaction with Bushmans rainwater tanks.

10 Year Guarantee

Made using Sunsmart® Technology to ensure longevity & a quality product!

Choosing a Bushmans Poly Tank

Bushmans Tanks have more than 28 years experience in the rainwater tank industry & have a proven track record for making happy customers. 

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*Delivered to Adelaide SA, VIC, NSW & QLD subject to model availability in your state, check our tables below for more info.

UV Protection

Using Bushmans SUNSMART® UV resistant technology, your poly tank will resist the Aussie sun for a longer life! 

Free Fittings

In addition, all tanks come with a 1″ (25mm ) ball valve outlet, 90mm overflow & leaf strainer inlet included as standard.

Premium Quality

A great quality product, they continue to listen to customers & engineer their tanks to the highest standard.

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Bushmans Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Urban Upgrade

Improve your gardens aesthetic in an urban home and add cost savings!

Space Efficient

Ideal for long, narrow garden spaces or side access typical of the modern Australian home.

High Quality

Made with premium Australian materials and moulded in one piece for strength.

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Dimensions – Slimline Tanks

Stated Capacity Product Code Height Width Length Available States
660L TSL160 0.92m 0.71m 1.42m QLD NSW
1,000L TSL220 1.86m 0.60m 1.25m SA only
1,000L TSL230 1.62m 0.62m 1.48m QLD NSW VIC SA
2,000L TSL440 2.15m 0.70m 2.21m QLD NSW VIC SA
3,000L TSL660 2.15m 0.81m 2.48m QLD NSW VIC SA
5,000L TSL1100 2.10m 1.06m 3.34m QLD NSW SA

With Poly Tanks and Poly Products capacities and measurements are tested in accordance with AS4766, but may vary due to the roto-moulding process. Dimensions in metres are rounded to the nearest centimetre.

Bushmans Round Rainwater Tanks

bushmans 5000l litre poly rainwater tank TT1100 grey sa vic nsw qld

Capacity Value

Available up to 46,400L, the Bushmans range comprises of our most generous capacity offerings.

Large Areas

Round tanks are ideal for large areas or open spaces where you are not restricted by narrow width.

More Options

Comprehensive range of choices when it comes to size, capacity and placement of fittings. 

Dimensions – Round Tanks

Stated Capacity Product Code Inlet Height Diameter Total Height Available States
1,000L (210gal) TT210 Modular 2.07m 0.81m 2.07m QLD NSW VIC SA
1,200L (260gal) TT260 Tall 1.51m 1.05m 1.51m QLD only
1,500L (330gal) T350 Round 1.62m 1.17m 1.62m QLD NSW VIC SA
2,400L (530gal) TS540 Squat 1.05m 1.77m 1.22m QLD NSW
2,550L (560gal) TT560 Tall 1.51m 1.57m 1.68m QLD NSW VIC SA
3,200L (700gal) TXD650 Tall 1.79m 1.57m 2.00m QLD VIC
3,250L (715gal) TT650 Tall 1.79m 1.57m 2.00m NSW SA
4,200L (920gal) TS910 Squat 1.28m 2.15m 1.37m QLD VIC SA
4,200L (920gal) TXD910 Squat 1.21m 2.15m 1.45m NSW only
5,000L (1100gal) TT1100 Tall 2.05m 1.85m 2.25m QLD NSW VIC SA
5,000L (1100gal) TXD1200 Squat 1.78m 2.06m 1.86m QLD NSW
10,000L (2,200gal) TXD2200 Squat 1.52m 3.05m 1.73m QLD VIC
10,000L (2,200gal) TS2200 Squat 1.48m 3.05m 1.70m NSW SA
10,000L (2,200gal) TXD2300 Tall 2.24m 2.57m 2.44m NSW only
10,000L (2,200gal) TT2300 Tall 2.16m 2.59m 2.31m QLD VIC SA
15,000L (3,300gal) T3300 Round 2.20m 3.05m 2.44m QLD NSW SA
15,000L (3,300gal) TXD3300 Round 2.20m 3.08m 2.48m VIC only
22,500L (5,000gal) TXD5000 Round 2.21m 3.80m 2.57m QLD NSW VIC SA
25,000L 5,500gal) TS5500 Squat 2.40m 3.73m 2.55m QLD NSW VIC
30,000L (6,600gal) T6500 Round 2.68m 3.92m 2.87m QLD NSW VIC SA
46,400L (10,200gal) T10500 Round 2.95m 4.60m 3.16m QLD NSW VIC SA

With Poly Tanks and Poly Products capacities and measurements are tested in accordance with AS4766, but may vary due to the roto-moulding process. Dimensions in metres are rounded to the nearest centimetre.

Bushmans Colour Options

Standard Colours

The colours shown on screen represent the actual colour as accurately as possible however they will vary depending on web browser, screen and printer type.

Strong & Modern

Urban designs with strong one piece molds from Bushmans Tanks!

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bushmans slimline rainwater tanks adelaide
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Save Money

Now it’s easier than ever to save water and save on your bills too. However it’s also good for the environment!


One of Australia’s oldest & most trusted Poly Tank manufacturers with over 27 years experience.

Happy People

In conclusion, we value our level of service & support above all, your satisfaction starts today!

Free Delivery

We offer FREE delivery to most states of Australia! Contact us to check if you qualify for free delivery!

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    When estimating space requirements for siting your tank, Bushmans recommends a minimum clearance of 100mm at top and sides for Poly Tanks and 1m for Aqualine Tanks.

    Download Install Guide

    Everything you need to know to prepare your ground for a Bushmans tank.

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    Information on water pumps & pump covers for Bushmans Tanks is coming soon! Additionally, if you need help in selecting an appropriate pump for your home or use we are more than happy to recommend, just explain to us what your needs are & we can suggest the best pump model to choose from!

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