With capacities up to 363,000L built professionally on-site to your needs!

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Purpose built tanks! 


Aqualine steel water tanks are built on-site, which eliminates the need of delivery for much larger tanks, ensuring a hassle free & fully customisable process. 

We can offer tanks all the way up to massive 363,000 Litres, allowing for high demand performance use scenarios, customisation & modularity. 

Aqualine Steel Tank Sizes 

Product Code Capacity Litres Gallons Diameter Wall Height Base Diameter
ASL22.5 22,500 5,000 3.61 2.28 5.61
ASL32 32,000 7,030 4.33 2.28 6.33
ASL44 44,000 9,670 5.06 2.28 7.06
ASL58 58,000 12,750 5.78 2.28 7.78
ASL73 73,000 16,050 6.51 2.28 8.51
ASL90 90,000 19,790 7.22 2.28 9.22
ASL110 110,000 24,190 7.96 2.28 9.96
ASL130 130,000 28,590 8.68 2.28 10.68
ASL152 152,000 33,430 9.40 2.28 11.40
ASL177 177,000 38,930 10.13 2.28 12.13
ASL203 203,000 44,650 10.85 2.28 12.85
ASL230 230,000 50,590 11.57 2.28 13.57
ASL260 260,000 57,190 12.30 2.28 14.30
ASL292 292,000 64,230 13.02 2.28 15.02
ASL325 325,000 71,490 13.74 2.28 15.74
ASL363 363,000 79,840 14.46 2.28 16.46

Aqualine tank features

Bushman Tanks is an Australian owned and operated water tank manufacturer of high quality steel liner and poly water tanks. Aqualine water tanks is Bushmans range of large steel liner tanks, designed and made for Australian conditions. Aqualine steel liner tank capacity range from 22,500 litres through to 363, 000 litres – there is a size that will suit all applications.

Big Size, Big Uses

The Aqualine tank is ideal for applications such as on farm water storage, large household rainwater harvesting, commercial installations, storm water harvesting, and large scale industrial applications.

Built to Last

Aqualine Polytough® tank liner is strong and is manufactured to the highest standards which ensures it holds water over the long term. Tank liners come in a range of materials including reinforced polypropylene, PVC, reinforced PVC and polyethylene.

Right for the Job

If you are looking to store over 50,000 litres of water or you require tanks suited to store water for firefighting, then an Aqualine steel liner tank will do the job. Available across NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and NT.

Fully Installed

Steel tanks from Bushmans Aqualine are fully installed by a professionally trained install team to ensure that the tank is assembled and installed to the highest standards.When the tank is complete, it is ready to hold water.

Built Tough

 Strength in purpose

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Aussie Steel 

Made with 0.95mm thick galvanised unique corrugation walls, heavy duty engineered supports & rust protection.

Easy Access 

Access ladder included in construction to access the tank for operation and long term maintenance.


The Aqualine steel construction components come with a 10 year tank prorata maximum corrosion warranty.

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