A cosy addition to your outdoor area

Cast iron firepits available for delivery or pickup in the Adelaide area, you'll be toasting mashmallows in no time!

Smores to enjoy about your garden

Get ready to entertain your friends and family outdoors during the colder seasons with these durable heavy duty cast iron firepits.

Toasted marshmallows over a firepit in Adelaide
Smores Marshmallow Firepit Adelaide
Firepits Adelaide Cast Iron


Firepits made with heavy duty cast iron superior to the hardware stores

Denser cast iron radiates heat better
Our firepits are thicker and more durable
Timeless rustic yet modern design
Year round enjoyment and versatility

Ready to add a touch of warmth to your garden?

All that's left is to choose a size that suits your backyard and needs!



75cm Firepit that's great option for smaller spaces



95cm Firepit an excellent value option for the family



120cm Firepit that's ideal for larger areas and groups

*Prices shown may be subject to change or promotion and does not include delivery if required. Please submit an order form or add the product to your quote before checking out.

Large Cast Iron Firepit Adelaide

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