Septic Tanks for Residential, Rural & Off-grid Uses.

A great. cost effective solution for residential wastewater treatment when access to municipal wastewater systems is limited or unavailable.

Cost Effective & Time Saving Design Features

Easy Install

Polymaster Septic Tanks do not require concrete; saving time and simplifying installation.

10 Minute Hook-up

Thanks to a lightweight one-piece design with fittings and baffle already pre-installed.

Adjustable Depth

With an optional riser, Polymaster's Septic Tanks can be installed at a lower depth than the tank mold.

Built for Purpose

Fully tested polyethylene tank designed to withstand ground and water pressure at depth, designed specifically for use in septic wastewater treatment. Tested and certified to AS/NZS 1546.1:2008.

Polymaster 3,100 Litre Septic Tank Underground Wastetreatment System Poly One-piece Self Anchor

Polymaster Free Delivery Zone

Polymaster have a large fleet of trucks specialised in delivering rainwater tanks throughout Victoria, Southern NSW, and South Australia to your location or the store where you purchased it. If your tank is over 13,000ltrs it will be delivered for free. This map gives you a good idea of the zone.

+ Polymaster also deliver Australia-wide (and abroad) for all their Chemical, Diesel, AdBlue, Septic tanks, Equine, Calving and Animal Care products (extra freight charges apply).  For their Rainwater tanks, they deliver throughout Victoria, South Australia and Southern New South Wales. 

Contact us today if you have questions, or to organise delivery.

polymaster delivery zone map australia nsw vic sa

Find the Right Capacity

Selecting the correct capacity for your household size is an important step in providing adequate service to your home.


Polymaster Install Guide

Download install guide for septic tanks.

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