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We use our expertise with a huge selection of rainwater tanks to help you find the right tank, at fantastic prices!

More Choice

We sell rainwater tanks from many water tank manufacturers, enabling our customers more control and ability to compare features and pricing.


At Dingo, we ensure that our prices are always highly competitive with regular sales and promotions available across the country.


We pride ourselves on our customer service, the Dingo Team are passionate about delivering the friendliest shopping experience!

Choosing a Rainwater Tank

Made Easy

Poly Water Tanks

Up to 46,400 Litres

Browse all of our distributed poly water tanks up to a generous 46,400L capacity.

Slimline Tanks

Up to 5,000 Litres

Shop our range of slimline rainwater tank brands up to 5,000L, ideal for urban homes.


thintanks poly rainwater tanks ultra super slim tanks sa adelaide

1,000 – 5,000 Litres

Perfect for urban homes that require high capacity in an ultra compact form factor.

Steel Water Tanks

400 – 22,500 Litres

Traditional style corrugated steel rainwater tanks made with quality Australian steel.

Industrial Tanks

22,500 – 363,000 Litres

Large, purpose built industrial tanks made from galvenised steel.

Firefighting Tanks

5,000 – 363,000 Litres

Check out all tanks that are selected to be suitable for use as a firefighting tank.

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Water Tank Accessories

Compliment your tank purchase

Water Pumps

Supply up to 6 Taps

See our available water pumps, available to purchase separately or as part of a bundle deal.

Extra Fittings

Valves & Fittings

Available add-ons to deliver pre-installed or at time of delivery with your new rainwater tank.

Bundle Deals

Buy Together & Save

Save time and money by choosing to bundle all your needed accessories together with your rainwater tank purchase.

Have questions? Ask Dingo today if you're not sure about anything or if you need more information about any of our products! 


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