Raised Garden Ponds 

Made in Adelaide

Perfect for Garden & Alfresco

Custom made for a perfect fit in your garden, create your own tranquil escape with our beautiful raised fish-safe ponds!

Raised Garden Ponds

Our fish ponds are made with the same techniques used to build our rainwater tanks, so you can be sure these ponds are truly watertight.

People Safe 

Child and pet friendly! Avoid potential trips and falls into water but also include our standard rubber safety edge.

Fish Safe

Made using fish safe materials our raised ponds makes installation a breeze! Just fill it up, no ground work required.


Setting up an aquaponic system is the mutually beneficial method for happy fish and a healthy garden!

Made in SA

Locally made in Adelaide South Australia, at Dingo we are proud to be an SA owned manufacturer! 

raised garden ponds adelaide sa

Create Your Pond

Transform your garden. 


Choose a raised pond design that best suits you, raised garden pond sizes are customisable to accomodate all purposes!

Fully Sealed

Our raised garden ponds come fully sealed suitable for fish, turtles & marine life, watertight sealed with fish-safe silicone.

Concrete Safe

Suitable for use on top of pavers & concrete as we use aquaplate bases on all our ponds preventing rust and moisture.


Adding a raised fish pond into an aquaponics system with a wicking bed complete with valve fittings for the best results!

Select Your Size

Custom orders welcome. 

Our raised garden ponds are only available in Aquaplate, while using a special sealant to ensure a marine safe environment.


LengthWidthAvailable Heights
1100mm600mm400, 650mm
1500mm650mm400, 650mm
1900mm650mm400, 650mm
2000mm1000mm400, 650mm
CustomCustom400, 650mm


LengthWidthAvailable Heights
1650mm900mm400, 650mm
CustomCustom400, 650mm


DiameterAvailable Heights
1000mm400, 650mm
1200mm400, 650mm
1400mm400, 650mm
1800mm400, 650mm
Custom400, 650mm

Select Your Colour

Available Aquaplate Colours.

Galvanised steel option is also available which still features an internal Aquaplate poly coating.

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