Endless options & customisation around, Taurus steel rainwater tanks look fantastic and are built in SA to last!

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Blends Seamlessly

Taurus steel rainwater tanks fit against a wall or a fence-line so well, you'll hardly notice it! Available in a host of Aquaplate Colourbond colours & galvanised steel for extra durability! 

Up to 26,429L

Steel water tanks from Taurus are available up to 2,6429L in round sizes, with customisation options available & make excellent fire-fighting tanks!

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Fire Tank Approved

Superior Customisation

Made for Aussie Conditions

Quality Guarantee

Great Sales Support

Biggest Tanks Available!

Looks Great

Made to Fit Your Plans

Flexible Fitting Options

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Standard Slimline Tank Sizes

Stated Capacity Length Width Height
450L 1.17m 0.62m 0.65m
818L 1.17m 0.62m 1.25m
1000L 1.16m 0.63m 1.64m
1100L 1.60m 0.63m 1.25m
1450L 1.90m 0.74m 1.25m
1700L 1.60m 0.63m 1.87m
2000L 2.00m 0.63m 1.87m
2300L 1.90m 0.72m 1.87m
3000L 2.40m 0.72m 1.87m
3200L 2.50m 0.74m 1.87m
3500L 2.40m 0.85m 1.87m
4000L 2.60m 0.90m 1.87m
4500L 2.60m 1.01m 1.87m
5000L 2.60m 1.15m 1.87m
5500L 2.80m 1.15m 1.87m
6000L 3.00m 1.15m 1.87m
6500L 3.16m 1.20m 1.87m
7000L 3.50m 1.16m 1.87m
7500L 3.40m 1.30m 1.87m
8000L 3.95m 1.16m 1.87m
Custom capacity Custom Custom Custom

Available Round Tank Sizes

Stated Capacity (L) Diameter Height Flat Top/Cone Top
450 0.95m 0.65m FT CT
900 0.95m 1.25m FT CT
1350 0.95m 1.87m FT CT
1350 1.20m 1.25m FT CT
1410 1.20m 1.25m FT CT
1800 1.30m 1.25m FT CT
1800 1.15m 1.87m FT CT
1940 1.15m 1.87m FT CT
2200 1.50m 1.25m FT CT
2250 1.20m 1.87m FT CT
2500 1.60m 1.25m FT CT
2500 1.30m 1.87m FT CT
2800 1.20m 2.48m FT CT
2870 1.40m 1.87m FT CT
3200 1.50m 1.87m FT CT
3500 1.90m 1.25m FT CT
3700 1.60m 1.87m FT CT
3800 1.40m 2.48m FT CT
4200 1.70m 1.87m FT CT
4300 1.50m 2.48m FT CT
4400 2.15m 1.25m FT CT
4700 1.80m 1.87m FT CT
5200 1.90m 1.87m FT CT
5600 1.70m 2.48m FT CT
6310 1.80m 2.48m FT CT
6600 2.15m 1.87m FT CT
7000 1.90m 2.48m FT CT
9000 2.15m 2.48m FT CT
9300 2.53m 1.87m FT CT
10000 2.62m 1.87m FT CT
11500 2.80m 1.87m FT CT
12460 2.53m 2.48m FT CT
13500 3.00m 1.87m FT Only
15260 2.80m 2.48m FT Only
16470 3.35m 1.87m FT Only
17520 3.00m 2.48m FT Only
18000 3.00m 2.48m FT Only
22500 3.40m 2.48m FT Only
23850 3.50m 2.48m FT Only
26429 3.35m 3.00m FT Only

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  • 5 star review  Great service, great price and fantastic delivery / installation of our 15,000 litre tank. Couldn't have been better... highly recommend to anybody looking for a tank. Cheers Guys. �

    Mark Jenneys Avatar Mark Jenneys
    July 19, 2017

    5 star review  excellent service and friendly staff. I purchased 2 vege raised garden beds made to a specific size. They were prompt and delivered right to the garden location. Their price was far better than any of the competitors. Love the website too.

    Lorraine Troughton Avatar Lorraine Troughton
    March 5, 2016
  • 5 star review  What a brilliant business! Excellent customer service, quality product & great staff, thank you Dingo Garden & Tanks, we'll be back!

    Julie Jordan Avatar Julie Jordan
    March 1, 2017

    5 star review  Fantastic supplier of raised garden beds in a large selection of sizes & colours which are custom made on site. I have posted photos of our garden beds, we are so happy with them, definitely recommend this company.

    Georgina Zadow Avatar Georgina Zadow
    February 20, 2016
  • 5 star review  Don't go anywhere else! Dingo's will look after you. Cheers dingo

    Daniel Filippone Avatar Daniel Filippone
    November 27, 2017

    5 star review  Just received my custom garden bed and am really happy with it , super fast delivery and excellent prices.......

    Jan Babs Avatar Jan Babs
    April 5, 2017

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