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Available to customers within South Australia, Victoria & New South Wales.

Why Choose Polymaster Tanks?

For the customer that values a top quality product & great service. Look no further than a Polymaster rainwater tank.

Gold Standard

We consider Polymaster the "premium quality choice" when it comes to rainwater tanks.

Extensive Range

Polymaster make a host of products for agriculture, rainwater storage to cover a wide range of residential and commercial purposes.


Customers who choose a Polymaster tank can expect excellent, reliable customer support.

20 Year Warranty

Polymaster backs up their quality workmanship with a 20 Year Warranty on their premium range of round rainwater tanks.*

Polymaster Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Urban Choice

Perfect for high-density urban areas where space is limited. A perfect choice for urban homes where fitting a round tank is impractical.

Space Efficient

Slimline tanks are an ideal water storage solution for small spaces. The slim shape is designed to fit down the side of a house or alongside a fence.

Smooth Design

Polymaster's slimline tanks feature a smooth, modern design that blends in seamlessly and is less likely to collect dirt and debris vs corrugated styles.

Polymaster Best Sellers

Slimline Specifications

CapacityProduct CodeConfigurationHeightWidthLength
1,000LTSL200Super Slim1.73m0.45m2.03m

Capacities and measurements are tested in accordance with AS4766, but may vary due to the roto-moulding process. Dimensions are rounded to the nearest millimetre.

Polymaster Round Rainwater Tanks

Capacity Value

Round tanks offer the best value per litre and the widest range of capacity options.

Large Areas

Ideal for large areas and ideal for rural properties where you are not restricted by narrow width.

More Options

Round tanks are typically more flexible in placement of fittings, in addition to size and capacity options.

polymaster tanks australia

Polymaster Best Sellers

Round Specifications

Please select from the following drop-down options to see specification tables for Polymaster PolyChoice and Premium range.

Stated CapacityProduct CodeStyleDiameterInlet HeightTotal Height
2,000L (440gal)PCR2000Tall, smooth1175mm2185mm2255mm
4,000L (880gal)PCR4000Round, smooth1600mm2150mm2200mm
5,000L (1,100gal)PCR5000Round, smooth1800mm2120mm2200mm
7,000L (1,500gal)PCR7000Round, smooth2200mm2020mm2200mm
10,000L (2,200gal)PCR10000Round, smooth2480mm2170mm2350mm
13,500L (3,000gal)PCR13500Round, smooth2830mm2470mm2630mm
22,500L (5,000gal)PCR22500Round, smooth3573mm2559mm2879mm
27,000L (6,000gal)PCR27000Round, smooth3573mm3019mm3339mm
Stated CapacityProduct CodeStyleDiameterInlet HeightTotal Height
200L (45gal)RWT200Round, corrugated600mm900mm900mm
600L (110gal)RWT600Round, corrugated1000mm950mm950mm
1,000L (220gal)RWT1000Round, corrugated1000mm1500mm1500mm
1,600L (350gal)RWT1600Round, corrugated1250mm1500mm1610mm
2,270L (500gal)RWT2270LPSquat, corrugated1700mm1200mm1310mm
2,270L (500gal)RWT2270TTall, corrugated1300mm1920mm2000mm
3,300L (750gal)RWT3300Round, corrugated1520mm2000mm2100mm
4,500L (1,000gal)RWT4500LPSquat, corrugated2150mm1380mm1580mm
4,500L (1,000gal)RWT4500TTall, corrugated1700mm2100mm2200mm
5,000L (1,100gal)RWT5000Round, corrugated1950mm1960mm2170mm
7,100L (1,500gal)RWT7100Round, corrugated2150mm2120mm2300mm
9,000L (2,000gal)RWT9000Round, corrugated2500mm2050mm2260mm
13,600L (3,000gal)RWT13600Round, corrugated3100mm2100mm2450mm
22,500L (5,000gal)RWT22500Round, corrugated3560mm2470mm2800mm
31,700L (7,000gal)RWT31700Round, corrugated4100mm2610mm3040mm
50,000L (11,000gal)RWT50KLRound, smooth4600mm3290mm3440mm

Capacities and measurements are tested in accordance with AS4766, but may vary due to the roto-moulding process. Dimensions are rounded to the nearest millimetre.

Where do Polymaster Deliver?
polymaster delivery zone map australia nsw vic sa

Polymaster have a large fleet of trucks specialised in delivering rainwater tanks throughout Victoria, Southern NSW, and South Australia to your location or the store where you purchased it.

If your tank is over 13,000ltrs it will be delivered for free.

Polymaster deliver Australia-wide (and abroad) for all their Chemical, Diesel, AdBlue, Septic tanks, Equine, Calving and Animal Care products (extra freight charges apply).  For their Rainwater tanks, they deliver throughout Victoria, South Australia and Southern New South Wales. 

This map gives you a good idea of their zone.

Let's get the ball rolling

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Quality service
Competitive prices
Professional expertise

    *20 Year Warranty applies only to Polymaster's Premium, round corrugated tanks and their 50,000L smooth-walled tank, All Polychoice Range featuring a smooth wall include a 15 Year Warranty, this excludes Slimline models which come with a 7 Year Warranty.

    Have questions? Ask Dingo today if you're not sure about anything or if you need more information about any of our products! 


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