Steel Rainwater Tanks

Reasons to choose a steel water tank from Dingo!

More Flexibility

Steel tanks can be made to suit, therefore you can specify a custom capacity if required & add fittings where ever you need them.

Fire-fighting Tanks

Steel is often the only approved method for water storage tanks as fire-fighting tanks. If you need this, let us know.

Traditional Style

If you're after a more rugged, industrial look or want to match an existing, older tank that you already have then a steel water tank is the right one for you.

Australian Steel

All our supplied tanks are Australian made, including our steel tanks. Made from heavy duty Australian corrugated steel built for Aussie conditions.

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Urban & Rural SA

Available up to 22,500L in SA

Taurus Tanks

Traditional tanks, modern technology. Suitable for Urban & Rural homes.

Urban & Rural

With sizes from 1,100L up to 22,500L Taurus Tanks are flexible for use in both urban & rural areas.

Fire Tanks

Very popular choice where local council requires 5,000L steel tanks for bushfire safety, these will suit your needs perfectly.

Made Locally

Support your local guys, these tanks are made right here in SA using Australian made materials & time perfected methods.


Up to 363,000L in NSW QLD VIC SA & NT

Bushmans Aqualine

Commercial grade tanks designed for Rural, Commercial & Industrial applications.


Excellent choice when you have a high demand for capacity and/or high flow making them ideal for off-grid use & on farms.

Built On-site

Bushmans Aqualine tanks are built on-site at your convenience, eliminating the hassle of transport of such a large tank. 

Easy Maintenance

Aqualine tanks are very serviceable with easy built-in access from fixed ladders & access point inside & outside. 

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