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Available to customers within South Australia.

Why Choose Kilkee Poly Tanks?

Kilkee rainwater tanks are an SA owned and operated business specialising in high strength round tanks with a traditional corrugated style.

Local Quality

Built in South Australia, Kilkee Tanks are a great choice for local confidence and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fast Delivery

Customers can usually enjoy speedy lead times. If you require a quality tank quickly, then look no further.

Pole-less Design

Round tanks that use a centre pole are often a point of failure, Kilkee have engineered theirs to be strong without.

20 Year Warranty*

Kilkee offers a 20 year warranty on all their round rainwater tanks and 5 years on their slimline tanks.

Kilkee Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Urban Choice

Perfect for high-density urban areas where space is limited. A perfect choice for urban homes where fitting a round tank is impractical.

Space Efficient

Slimline tanks are an ideal water storage solution for small spaces. The slim shape is designed to fit down the side of a house or alongside a fence.

Smooth Design

Kilkee's slimline tank mould adopts a simple and clean design that is less likely to collect dirt and debris.

Slimline Best Sellers

Slimline Specifications

Stated CapacityProduct CodeHeightWidthLength

Kilkee Round Rainwater Tanks

Kilkee Poly Tanks Round Water Storage Tanks Adelaide SA South Australia

Capacity Value

Round tanks offer the best value per litre and the widest range of capacity options. Available up to 24,000L.

Large Areas

Ideal for large areas and ideal for rural properties where you are not restricted by narrow width.

Traditional Design

Kilkee's round design features more traditional corrugated sides, this makes them well suited for use with existing steel tanks or older designs.

Round Best Sellers

Specification Table

Stated CapacityInlet HeightDiameterTotal Height

Available Colours



Dark Green

Heritage Red


Mist Green

Mountain Blue


Slate Grey

Smooth Cream 



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