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Kiklee Poly Products South Australia, poly water tanks built in SA!

Slimline Kilkee Poly Tanks

Modern & Clean

Clean one-piece mould for a smooth and very modern finish. Kilkee Poly Slimline Tanks look great anywhere!


Available only in 1000L, with the option to extend capacity by adding multiple of the same tank.

Available Slimline Kilkee Tank Sizes 

Stated CapacityProduct CodeHeightWidthLength

Round Kilkee Poly Tanks

Modern Technology, Traditional Style

Round water tanks from Kilkee Poly Products have the benefit of modern technologies of manufacture with poly materials, but while also taking on the appearance of a traditional corrugated steel tank. 

Solid Construction

Kilkee water tank sizes range from the 3,300 litre and all the way up to the 24,000 litre. All the tanks have self supporting roof, and are made of a rock solid one piece construction. all of our tanks come with a brass outlet that is cut into tank rather than being moulded in. All Kilkee round water tanks come with a full 20-year guarantee.

Available Round Kilkee Tank Sizes 

Stated CapacityInlet HeightDiameterTotal Height

Available Colours



Dark Green

Heritage Red


Mist Green

Mountain Blue


Slate Grey

Smooth Cream 

Torres Blue


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