The 1000L ThinTank is only 260mm wide! It’s the Thinnest Poly Tank on the market and with its fence like appearance it’s the perfect tank for those smaller yards where space is limited. They can be fixed to a wall on the side of a dwelling or freestanding with the post rebate and act as a fence!

ThinTank 1000L

Capacity: 1000L
Length: 2.4m
Width: 0.26m
Height: 1.85m


ThinTank 1000L Slimline Rainwater Tank

Modern Design

By far the most modern and innovative rainwater storage solution available in the Australian market and around the world. A sleek look in any home!


More Ideas

Install them anywhere & can be used as a carport wall, veranda wall, or attach them directly to a building or fence.


Do More with Limited Space!

Thintanks are an excellent choice when you don’t have the space for a full size or regular slimline Rainwater Tank, or want them to be as seamless to the design of your home as possible.


10 Year Warranty 

All Thintanks come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty!



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