The 3000 Litre Thintank caters for those properties with a little more space and where they are needing to catch a bigger amount of water while still looking for a sleek and attractive tank.

ThinTank 3000L

Capacity: 3000L
Length: 2.98m
Width: 0.58m
Height: 1.97m


ThinTank 3000L Slimline Rainwater Tank

Modern Design

By far the most modern and innovative rainwater storage solution available in the Australian market and around the world. A sleek look in any home!


More Ideas

Install them anywhere & can be used as a carport wall, veranda wall, or attach them directly to a building or fence.


Do More with Limited Space!

Thintanks are an excellent choice when you don’t have the space for a full size or regular slimline Rainwater Tank, or want them to be as seamless to the design of your home as possible.


10 Year Warranty 

All Thintanks come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty!



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