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Slimline Raised Garden Beds

Adelaide Factory Direct Galvanised, Colourbond & Aquaplate.

Slimline Raised Garden Beds Adelaide SA South Australia Wicking Beds

Discover our versatile and eco-friendly Slimline Raised Garden Beds, expertly crafted from premium Colourbond® Steel, galvanised, or Aquaplate options. Elevate your gardening experience to new heights with these exceptional garden beds, perfect for urban spaces in Adelaide!

Our Slimline Raised Garden Beds offer the ideal solution for cultivating super healthy, sustainable organic produce. Teach your kids the value of nature while enjoying the comfort of gardening at the perfect height, even while seated. Whether you're into wicking beds, aquaponics, or traditional gardening, these versatile beds can cater to all your needs. Choose from the 400mm height, ideal for tomatoes and tall vegetables, or the 650mm option, perfect for wicking beds and easy wheelchair access.

Slimline raised garden beds are our most popular form factor with customers due to their versatility; they are ideal for spacing out vegetables, allow for ease of reach across their width in any size in addition to being very space efficient. Slimline raised garden beds make excellent wicking beds at 650mm or 800mm height.

See here for more information on Wicking Beds.

Crafted with precision from high-quality steel options, including Colourbond® Steel, galvanised, or Aquaplate, these raised garden beds boast durability, termite resistance, and low maintenance. Integrating them into aquaponic systems or turning them into self-watering garden beds is a breeze. Embrace sustainable living by growing your veggies at home, reducing your carbon footprint, and creating a low-impact garden haven. Optimize your garden space, utilise plant spacing effectively, and enjoy a stunning garden arrangement with our raised beds.

Embark on a greener, healthier lifestyle with our Slimline Raised Garden Beds. Savor the ease of gardening while relishing the rewards of nutrient-rich soil and fresh produce. Designed and made with care in Adelaide, South Australia, using the finest Australian materials, these garden beds exemplify quality and craftsmanship.

Unlock the possibilities of Colourbond® Steel, galvanised, or Aquaplate raised garden beds and turn your gardening dreams into reality.

Begin your gardening journey today with Dingo Garden & Tanks, your go-to distributor for premium garden solutions in Adelaide. Slimline Raised Garden Beds - Elevate your gardening experience! Call us today or configure your garden bed for a quote to create your perfect urban oasis with our Slimline Raised Garden Beds in Adelaide.

For more information head to our Raised Garden Beds page.

  • Adelaide's Premier Manufacturer: Proudly made in SA, supporting local craftsmanship.
  • Height Options: Choose from 400mm, 650mm, or 800mm for a variety of gardening needs.
  • Low Maintenance: Corrugated steel design eliminates wood-rot and termite worries.
  • Nutrient-Rich Soil: Control nutrients and pH levels for abundant, fresh, and tasty vegetables.
  • Wicking Bed Technology: Popular choice for water-saving and high-yield gardening.

Optional Fittings
25mm Outlet & Valve

When using a base

Sealed Base

Useful for aquaponics

Material Options

Cost Effective
Highly Durable
Steel Finish
Value for Money
Most Colour Options
Easily Match a Fence
Durable Finish
UV Resistant
Colour Options
Superior Durability
2x Poly Coating
Long Warranty

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