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Rectangle Raised Garden Beds

Adelaide Factory Direct Galvanised, Colourbond & Aquaplate.

Reptile Enclosure Adelaide SA South Australia Rectangle Raised Garden Bed
Rectangle Square Reptile Enclosure Adelaide SA Factory Direct Safe Steel
rectangle raised garden beds adelaide big small sa south australia

Introducing our versatile and modern Rectangle Raised Garden Beds, thoughtfully designed with a greater width and shorter length to cater to your gardening needs. These exceptional garden beds are perfect for cultivating healthy and sustainable produce, while also serving as popular reptile enclosures, offering a stylish and functional solution.

Crafted with added strength and durability, our Rectangle Raised Garden Beds are built to withstand the test of time, making them a reliable and long-lasting choice for your gardening and reptile enclosure needs.

Experience the allure of these garden beds that blend modern design appeal with practicality. Create a vibrant garden space or provide a comfortable and safe home for your reptile companions. With a range of width and length options available, these rectangle raised garden beds are designed to fit seamlessly into your urban oasis or outdoor space.

Upgrade your gardening journey today with Dingo Garden & Tanks, your trusted distributor of premium garden solutions. Explore the versatility and charm of Rectangle Raised Garden Beds, a modern and functional choice for your outdoor haven. Contact us or add to your quote today to bring home the beauty and durability of Rectangle Raised Garden Beds. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle while enjoying the benefits of our modern garden beds.

For more information head to our Raised Garden Beds page.

  • Greater width and shorter length for enhanced gardening versatility
  • Modern design appeal that adds style to your outdoor space
  • Well-suited for use as reptile enclosures, providing a safe and comfortable habitat
  • Assembled in one piece, ensuring superior strength, durability, and rust resistance
  • Superior to bracketed design square garden beds, offering added stability and longevity

Optional Fittings
25mm Outlet & Valve

When using a base

Sealed Base

Useful for aquaponics

Material Options

Cost Effective
Highly Durable
Steel Finish
Value for Money
Most Colour Options
Easily Match a Fence
Durable Finish
UV Resistant
Colour Options
Superior Durability
2x Poly Coating
Long Warranty

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