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Adelaide's premier supplier of Slimline, round, poly and steel rainwater tanks made right here in SA with Australian materials helping to support our local businesses. We believe that buying Australian means better quality, furthermore all our distributed tanks are designed and manufactured for our climates with UV protection! Additionally you can expect a 10 year manufacturers warranty for piece of mind***

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Supplying a wide range of rainwater tanks to give you more choice!

Highly competitive tank pricing giving you better value and service!

Adelaide's largest water tank distributor for Bushamans, Maxiplas & Thintanks!



Offer a large range of size options up to 46,400L in capacity to suit both urban and rural homes.

Free SA Delivery up to 150KM and up to 200KM on select tanks*, all standard fittings are included FREE**

Highly flexible with outlet and overflow positioning that can be placed anywhere on a round tank.

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Maxiplas offer slightly different rainwater tank style choices, depending on the look you prefer, these may be for you!

Free SA Delivery up to 400KM on ALL Maxiplas tanks plus all standard fittings are included FREE with our pricing**

Outlets & overflow positions on these tanks can only be fitted to certain places around the tank, see the specs for info or call us.


The Latest Innovation in Rainwater Tanks

Ultra slimline rainwater tanks that look great and allow for creative use of stacking side-by-side!

Can be used to wall a carport, fix to the side of a house wall or fence-line and can be linked up for a seamless single wall!

Call us for configuration information and for more benefits of using a thintank rainwater tank design.

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Excellent as regional bushfire tanks where council legislation requires a steel tank.

Suits heritage, stone, brick and cottage style homes very nicely as a traditional style of tank!

Highly configurable and customisable, need a specific size or capacity? No worries!

Water supply pumps are also available with all of our supplied water tanks, though pump brands vary depending on the manufacturer of your chosen tank all distributed pumps are highly quality, excellent performance and Australian made!


Please let us know how many outlets within your home you wish to service, for example; 2 toilets and sink, laundry or entire home.


Please note that if you wish to supply your entire home with rainwater or for off-grid living we would recommended installing the highest capacity you can to ensure your water needs are met.


We can calculate your annual rainwater harvesting potential for you if you know the square meter or footage of your roof!

  1. * Free delivery qualifies on all Bushmans tanks up to 150KM, 200KM free delivery zone is available on tanks 10,000L and above.
  2. ** Standard fittings include a ball valve outlet, 90mm overflow and a leaf strainer inlet.
  3. *** All poly water tanks come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. Steel tanks come with a 5 year warranty on the workmanship plus a 20 year Bluescope anti-corrosion warranty for Aquaplate.

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