The new Ultraslim range from Maxiplas is a fantastic design that works to solve the cons of more conventionally shaped tanks by making them even less obtrusive. They are an excellent choice for urban homes that want to take advantage of the space saving.

Ultraslim 1000L

Capacity: 1000L
Length: 2400mm
Width: 275mm
Height: 1910mm
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Maxiplas Ultraslim Range

Ultraslim tanks can be simply connected together to increase water storage capacity while still maintaining strength and ease of handling. This suburban-style tank is available in a range of colors to best match your decor. Tanks must be installed on a smooth, solid, level surface – either a concrete slab or boxed, packed sand base. We recommend a concrete base for this tank capacity. A pump cover available in all colours.

Features & benefits

  • Manufactured from UV stabilised food grade polyethylene
  • Solid one piece construction
  • Tanks are fitted with 2 brass outlets at the bottom to allow joining of tanks together with ease (1000L) 20mm (3/4″) (2000L & 3000L) 25mm (1″) pre-moulded brass outlets
  • Mosquito proof inlet strainer and light guard
  • New improved design and splendid looking tank to fit most applications
  • Sure to capture the eye on all new contemporary and existing homes
  • Bucket height outlet brass 20mm (3/4″) available each end pre-moulded all tanks
    Note: Brackets are supplied and must be fitted.



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