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Anti-Bird Netting (Extruded)


Polypropylene extruded bird netting is ideal for use over garden beds, raised garden beds and fruit trees.


Available in white or black in following sizes:


4m x 100m N/A

5m x 100m N/A

Anti-Bird Netting (Knitted)


Knitted bird netting is commercial grade quality, more durable and less resistant to tearing. Great for use on vines, trees, garden beds, and veggie patches.


Available in white or black in following sizes:


100m x 5m $195

100m x 10m $360


Woven Geotextile


Common use in wicking beds between the gravel and soil layers and in retaining walls. Perfect for raised garden beds that sit on pavers.


Acts as a filtration barrier and soil reinforcement.


1.2m x 50m $99

Weed Mat


Weed mat can be used anywhere in your garden that may be susceptible to weed growth, a good product to put down before filling up a new raised garden bed.


Available in the following sizes:


1.83m x 5m $15

1.83m x 50m $79

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