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Grosse Lisse Tomato


Australia's standard home grown variety was the most popular until our taste test in 1993 which rated it well, but still behind other favourites such as Tommy Toe. The name translates to large and smooth which reflects our preference for "big reds". Fruits in 12 weeks from transplant and yields 16.4kg of fruit per plant with an average fruit size of 200g.


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Tommy Toe Tomato


Winner of our taste test back in '93- Victorian garden guru Kevin Heinze said it was the best he'd tasted in 50 years! From mislabelled Seed Savers stock it grew to rave reviews around the world. Sweet 3cm fruit produced from January to May. Fruits in 10 weeks from transplant and yields 11kg per plant.


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Black Cherry Tomato


Aptly named for their dark, sweet and juicy flesh which makes them look just like cherries, which we all adore. Purple-black, round and exceptionally sweet fruit that is above even the Tommy Toe flavour standard. Very good disease resistance results from a strong and vigorous plant. Harvest in 9 weeks from transplant, yields 7.5kg/plant.


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